Trimming Vinyl

Trimming Vinyl Around Doors

This tutorial will show you how to trim the edges of your vinyl graphics that overlap doors, gas tank lids, etc.

trimming vinyl, trimming vinyl around door

Begin applying your decal from one side of the design.

Spray the underside of the decal and your desired surface with glass plus.
Use a squeegee to smooth the decal onto your surface, peeling back the wax paper backing as you go.

Peel off all of the wax paper backing and continue to apply the decal to your surface. Do not let the decal fold over onto itself.

Once you have applied the entire decal, use the squeegee to press the adhesive onto your surface. This will also push the excess glass plus out from underneath the decal.
Follow the slope of the door with the edge of the exacto blade. You will want to cut in the middle of the vinyl, not directly along the edge of the door. Cutting along the edge of the door can cause cuts in the paint of the vehicle.
After you have cut all the way down the vinyl, you will be left with two flaps of vinyl, one on either side of the crack in the door. Push these flaps around and behind the seems of the door, leaving a beautiful finish for your graphics.