Applying Vinyl Graphics with the Wet Method

This procedure is almost exactly like both the freehand and hinged methods.  The only difference is the application of soapy water to the vinyl before application.  By wetting down the vinyl first, you are able to reposition your graphics during application.  REMEMBER, you cannot get the graphics too wet!  The key to this method is keeping both your vinyls and your application surface wet.

First peel your decal away from the wax paper backing. If your design has several seperate pieces, it will come with adhesive masking holding the pieces or letters together. Leave the masking and remove only the wax paper at this point.





Next, you will need to apply either a mixture of soap and water or glass plus to the sticky side of your graphics.







Make sure that the entire surface of the decal is covered with the soapy mixture. Use your fingers to spread the water or glass plus onto the adhesive side of the decal.






After wetting down the adhesive side of the decal, we recommend that you also spray the desired surface with glass plus.







You will then place your wet decal onto your desired surface.







Use a credit card or squeegee to smooth the decal onto the surface. This will push out any left over glass plus and air bubbles. It is best to work in one continuous direction, ie. top to bottom.






Do not worry if your decal seems a little slippery. Once the glass plus has dried, your decal will be stuck to the surface.