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What are Dealership Logos? dealership logos, dealership decalsdealership decals, dealership logos
Dealership logos are the decals usually on the back of new or used vehicles showing which dealership the vehicle was bought from. Car dealerships, as well as boat marinas, ATV dealers, recreational vehicle dealers and tractor dealers use the imprinted dealer decals because they're added advertising that usually lasts as long as the vehicle does.

What is printed on the typical Dealership Logos? dealer-logos
Dealership Logos can be printed with whatever information you would like. Typically, the dealer name and/or logo are used. Having a logo displayed large enough on the car is an effective and professional way to stand out while also giving a lasting impression. Applying dealership logos to all your vehicles also increases your chances of being seen by your target consumers.

What are Dealership Logo printed on?
Dealership logos are made from a high quality, weather resistant vinyl that is tough, durable and stays stuck to the vehicle. We offer auto dealership decals in many shapes and sizes. If you don't see the car decal you had in mind, contact us and we'll find what you need.